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Our Persistence and Passion

We want our customers to say,
“I’m glad I shopped at Truck Kingdom”.

We want to have long relationships with our customers.
That is why we have pride in our work
and display trucks which exude that feeling.
Each of our staff works hard to do what it takes
to please all of our customers all the time.
We do thorough and attentive work.
We never want to end a job thinking “this is good enough”.
We want to deliver vehicles in the best condition possible.
We promise quality and service that goes beyond the price.

Procuring Stock

Our stock procuring route is special. 80 to 90% of stock procurement routes of general retail stores rely on auctions for business operators. There are often cases where when procurement is only from auctions, the competition between business operators causes the procurement price to increase.

Furthermore, although it is not all cases, sometimes high-quality Japanese used trucks are traded before they are offered at auction. And so by strengthening direct purchasing in all regions of Japan and procuring trucks directly from users who wish to sell them, we have cut the middle margin and realized a wide-ranging lineup of high-quality trucks.

At Truck Kingdom we select for procurement only the best vehicles from more than 6500 vehicles each week and place them on display at our storefronts. We are persistent about this "carefully selected stock", which is only possible at Truck Kingdom with its specialized procurement division.

Persistence for Quality

In order to provide reliable quality, workers licensed by the Japan Auto Appraisal Institute conduct a quality check covering 211 points.

We exchange information regarding quality standards between each store periodically to achieve improvements at all of our stores, striving to deliver quality and never be satisfied with the status quo.

Our goal is for "Kingdom Quality" to permeate to our customers and truck markets around the world, and we are fastidious about our "Truck Kingdom proprietary check items" in addition to the standard check items.

Persistence for Cleaning

We conduct thorough cleaning so that our customers can use our products comfortably. We generally separate all of the parts such as the seats and lining when cleaning interior.

For exterior cleaning, we use a specialty cleaner and high-pressure washing to remove even hardened dirt.

In order to greet our customers with an even cleaner vehicle than they expect, each of us is careful to conduct our cleaning with the philosophy of "how clean we would want it if we were to drive it".

Persistence for Customer Service

We strive for customer service that is "one step ahead"--in other words service that gives customers not only what they desire but goes the extra mile--in order to give attentive and careful service which creates a pleasant transaction.

Starting with knowledge of our products, we also want to be well acquainted with the types, contents, and situations of the business of our customers when they actually use them.

In the end we also want to be "vehicle consultants" for our customers by giving them advice such as "if you are doing that kind of work, then this vehicle would be the best match for you rather than the other one you are considering".

We will always listen to what our customers have to say and provide the best and fastest service. Especially for important cars that are to be used at work, we want to see things from the customer's stand point and point of view and provide them with "earnest" customer service.

We are persistent about creating "stores which will impress our customers

Persistence for Speedy Delivery

We adopt a system that allows us to deliver cars in the shortest time possible in order to support customers who need them for urgent jobs.

For domestic Japanese customers it may be possible for them to drive home in their vehicle the same day, although it varies depending on the vehicle.

So that our customers can start working even 1 day sooner, we generally always have vehicles in a delivery-ready condition.

We are persistent about "never saying no" to our customers regarding their desired delivery dates.

Persistence for Flexibility

Rather than being bound by a fixed model, we adapt to what is required in each case.

In order to please our customers, we provide flexible support for their requests and circumstances. Please inquire with us regarding any detail, however minor.

Even in the rare case where we cannot meet your request we will always provide you with an alternative suggestion.

We are persistent about "always meeting our customers’ demands in the end".

We sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

From all the staff at TRUCK KINGDOM